Introduction - Motor skills for babies 

In collaboration with motor skill expert, Jane Mølleskov Mikkelsen from Sanserytmik.dk, we’ve created a series of videos consisting of exercises that will help develop your child’s motor skills, language and learning. It is important that you stimulate your child’s motor skills from early on, as good motor skills will strengthen your child socially and academically throughout its childhood. 

It is best to be active with your child, when it is fully awake, fed and receptive to new impressions. Let your child get used to the exercises by starting out slow. It can be a good idea to prepare your child for the single activities by saying: “one, two, three, go” while keeping eye contact. This will teach your child that it is about to have fun with mom or dad. 

Find the exercises that fits your child's age here: 3-5 months, 6-9 months, or 9-12 months.