Laundry Tips

How to wash your GoBabyGo products in the best way


• It is best to wash the wool by hand, but it can also be washed on a careful wool washing program or a program for hand washing at 30 degrees

• Avoid the use of bleachAvoid ironing or steaming the socks

• Do not put the socks in the dryer

• The socks should be washed inside out

Wool has the special characteristics that prevents it from getting dirty with the help of a certain acid in the air, so wool products do not need to be washed as often. The most efficient way to wash our non-slip wool socks is with a wool detergent. The good features of the wool are coming from the natural fat content. The wool fiber contains lanolin. Washing the wool with a universal detergent loosens the fat which results in the lanoline disappearing and with it the good features of the wool. There are many wool detergents on the market, but we recommend you choose a detergent with an environmental label and/or asthma and allergy signs. This will ensure that your laundry is hypoallergenic and environmentally conscious.  


• Our alpaca socks should be washed by hand

• Avoid using bleachDo not turn the socks inside out

• Avoid ironing or steaming the socks

• The socks dry best when laying flat

We recommend not to wash the alpaca non-slip socks, unless it is absolutely necessary. The sulfur in the alpaca's substance is self-cleaning and prevents bacterial growth. In most cases, the socks can therefore be simply hung up to airdry.If it is necessary to wash the socks, it should preferably be done in warm water and by hand. You should use a mild soap intended for wool. Never use plasticizers. Instead, add some vinegar to the water if necessary. Gently squeeze the water out without twisting the socks, and then place the socks flat on a towel so they can dry.  


• Laundry at 30 degrees. Usual washing program

• Avoid using bleachAvoid ironing or steaming the socks

• Do not put the socks in the dryer

• The socks be washed with the inside out

There are an incredible number of advantages of non-slip socks that are made out of bamboo. Bamboo fibers are naturally antibacterial which means that they do not need to be washed at high temperatures because they avoid bacteria in a natural way.  Bamboo feels great and because bamboo does not absorb bacteria, it never smells bad.Bamboo has great airflow and feels incredibly soft – almost like silk. This is because the bamboo textile fibers have a natural rounded surface, so that they feel both soft and at the same time very pleasant for the skin. The antibacterial features of bamboo socks do not only make the socks resistant to bacteria and the smell of sweat, but also allow the socks to be washed at lower temperatures and reduces the amount of times they have to be washed in the first place. So, wash the socks at lower temperatures and with the inside out for the best possible lifetime of the bamboo socks.


• Laundry at 30 degrees. Usual washing program

• Avoid using bleachAvoid ironing or wrinkling of the socks

• Do not put the socks in the dryer

• Wash the socks with the inside out 

Our crawling tights and leggings are made of soft stretch cotton, which guarantees good movement and feels comfortable on the skin. We use only the best materials that have been tested and approved for pollutants.

Our knee pads and thick anti-slip socks are made of soft and breathable cotton, which is thicker and softer than normal cotton. The soft layer of yarn, which is located on the inside of our thick non-slip stockings, feels soft and pleasant on the skin. Our socks and knee pads should preferably be washed with the inside out, as this extends the durability of the socks.