Motor exercises 6-9 months

Strengthen your child's motor skills with easy, everyday exercises that do not require any tools

When your child is between 6 and 9 months old, you can gradually start doing more challenging exercises that will challenge your child's motor skills, language, and learning.

Motor exercise 1


Somersaults promote the balance of your child. Every time you turn your child upside down, they will become more tolerant of having their head in different directions. This tolerance also helps avoid motion sickness and seasickness.

Motor exercise 2


Rotations are important for your child's self-confidence and inner balance.
Good balance is a prerequisite for overall motor development.

Motor exercise 3

Fall reaction

Carefully turn your child with their head down, preferably like this, so that they land carefully on their stomach. This way, you activate your child's fall reaction and help them take off with their arms instead of their heads.

6-9 months

Other great exercises for your child

• Sing and talk to your child

• Start stacking blocks with your child

• Practice rolling from the back to the stomach. Help by tilting one leg over the other. Or lure with toys to motivate the child to reach out for them

• Do cross exercises, such as the left foot greeting the right hand and vice versa

• Put the baby on your lap and take a ride 

• Lay the baby on its stomach on a ball and let it come down to put weight on his feet and hands

• Cycle with the legs when the child is lying on their back

• Play a lot of airplane travels and let the baby hang upside down for at short time while you hold her tightly in her thighs

• Put the toy further away so the child has to crawl after them

• Hold your hand under the soles of the child, alternately on one foot and then on the other, so that the child have something to lean against to move forward. Non-slip tights or leggings from GobabyGo are particularly beneficial for this exercise since they help your child move without slipping 

All exercises were prepared in collaboration with motor skills expert Jane Mølleskov Mikkelsen from