Motor skills 6-9 months

Strengthen your childs motor skills...

...with easy everyday exercises that doesn't require any tools

When your child is between 6-9 months it is important to introduce him to more demanding exercises that strengthens his motor skills, language and learning. 

Keep the small feet warm in GoBabyGo non-slip socks and combined them with crawling kneepads for extra protection. 

Playing is most fun when you join in.

Somersaults contribute to stimulating your child’s balance. Every time you turn your child upside-down, it develops a greater tolerance for having its head in different directions. This tolerance also contributes to avoiding motion sickness.

Rotations are important for your child’s sense of its own and its internal balance. The more varied the rotations, the better the foundation for your child’s development, since balance is one of the prerequisites for overall motor skills development.

On a daily basis, turn your child head down, preferably letting it end up on its tummy as seen here. This way, you activate your child’s fall reaction where the arms reach for the floor.

Here is a couple of exercises that will develop your child’s motor skills:

All exercises is developed in collaboration with motor skill expert Jane Mølleskov Mikkelsen from