Strengthen your child's motor skills with GoBabyGo

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Improved motor skills, balance and confidence

GoBabyGo offers a collection of unique crawling products designed to improve and develop childrens motor skills. Non-slip rubber pads on the knees, toes and under the feet prevent children from sliding on slippery surfaces when learning to crawl and walk - making them more confident and mobile as they go along.  

Our products are designed to give your child an advantage when exploring their body’s capabilities – ensuring that your child gets off to the best possible start.

GoBabyGo is designed in Denmark and produced in Europe. Our products are made from soft stretch cotton which guarantees good mobility and comfort.

All products are certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

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Strengthen your child's motor skills with GoBabyGo

Our focus from the start was to make it easier for children to improve their motor skills, balance and over-all confidence. Because taking those first steps or learning how to crawl is a big challenge. 

Good motor skills offer many advantages and can get your child off to a good start with the help of the products from GoBabyGo.

All beginnings are difficult. The GoBabyGo series was developed with the idea that the child should have the courage to move and develop their motor skills.

A child who can move more easily can explore the world, play, and learn new things. 

Studies show that good motor skills strengthen the child both socially and professionally through their childhood.

If you want to help your child move around on their own, GoBabyGo's non-slip products are a good investment for your child's wardrobe. Children like to be active and move around.

Our products are designed with a durable and comfortable design to help your child do just that.

The GoBabyGo product series invites the child to explore their body's mobility and strengthen their motor skills.

Take care of the clothes with extra durable material from GoBabyGo

GoBabyGo offers a range of products for the growing stage where movement primarily takes place on the floor and other clothes are swiftly worn down.

The GoBabyGo products have rubber pads on knees, feet and on the toes, which makes them particularly durable and helps to endure a lot of crawling and rolling around on the floor.

The GoBabyGo series includes products that can be used individually or in combination with other clothing as additional protection.

The extra durable material makes sure that the clothes last way longer than conventional ones.

That’s good for both your child and your wallet!

We use soft stretch cotton which guarantees good mobility. And our 'Crawling Tights' are even available in cotton and wool whereas the non-slip socks are available in cotton, bamboo and alpaca. The 'Crawling Tights' and 'Crawling Leggings' are made with a wide ribbed waist band for great movability and comfort.

Choosing GoBabyGo ensures your child a good fit, high-quality and extra protection of your child's knees and their clothes.

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