Educational Placemats

The GoBabyGo placemats are an educational mat so children can learn during mealtimes. With fun and creative drawings there is plenty of inspiration for conversation, entertainment and learning for both children and adults during mealtimes. 


Boost your child's learning with three unique placemats, tailored to your child's age, to make mealtimes fun and educational. Words and Sounds: 0-3 years introduce your child to colors, sounds and words with fun and easy recognizable drawings. Numbers and Math: 5-11 years strengthen your child’s math skills by practicing numbers, multiplying and telling the time. 120 English Words: 7-12 years introduce your child to the letters from A-Z and practice 120 commonly used English words to boost the vocabulary. GoBabyGo educational placemats introduce the child for a fun and entertaining way of learning new things.