All you need to know about your baby's motor skills

When it comes to your child’s general well-being, its motor skill development has a significant impact. Nicely developed motor skills gives your child courage and a feeling of self-worth. Studies show that babies who develop their motor skills later than usual has a harder time learning new things (e.g. in school) and can have trouble socializing later in life.

Any child is born with some motor skills, but these skills need to be cultivated early to give the child the best possible start in life. The most important thing is to make sure that your baby doesn’t just lie around all day. Switch positions, play around, let them grab your fingers and do a little jitterbug with their arms.

Most people don’t move a lot in their daily lives, so it’s necessary to think about how you can incorporate exercises that develop your baby’s motor skills into your daily routine.

In collaboration with motor skill expert, Jane Mølleskov Mikkelsen from, we’ve created a series of exercise videos that will help develop your child’s motor skills, language and learning.

It is important that you stimulate your child’s motor skills early on, as good motor skills will strengthen your child socially and academically, throughout its childhood. 

The best time to activate your child is when it's fully awake, fed and receptive to new impressions. Let your child get used to the exercises by starting out slow.

Life hack: prepare your child for the different activities by saying: “one, two, three, go” while keeping eye contact. Your child will quickly make the connection between the countdown and fun-times with its parents.

Find exercises that fits your child's age here👇

 3-5 months

6-9 months

9-12 months.