Motor exercises 9-12 months

Strengthen your child's motor skills with easy, everyday exercises that do not require any tools

When your child is between 9 and 12 months old, you can start do the slighly wilder motor challenges. 

Motor exercise 1

Fun somersaults

Fun somersaults stimulate your child's balance, which is a prerequisite for all motor development.

Motor exercise 2

Jumping game

Every time you play, the bond between you is nurtured 

Motor exercise 3

Wild, wilder, wildest

This somersault requires a good grip around your baby's chest. And is for the child who loves wilder games. Have fun. 

9-12 months

Other great exercises for your child

• Make somersaults forwards and backwards. Make sure to support your baby's neck

• Make an obstacle course in the living room with pillows to cross, a small chair to step on, and a blanket to crawl under

• Go wheelbarrow with your child. Let the child lie on his stomach, grab the thighs and lift slightly up the legs so that the child is resting on his hands. Gently push the wheelbarrow forward to motivate the child to move their hands

• Let your child eat on their own

• As often as possible, let your child practice their motor skills by doing things on their own. For example, putting on socks and buttoning buttons

• Dance to music

• Leave the car or bike aside and walk as often as possible

All exercises were prepared in collaboration with motor skills expert Jane Mølleskov Mikkelsen from