The Story behind GoBabyGo

GoBabyGo was founded in 2013 because I needed products that could help improve my child’s motor skills. My third child, Emil, was born two months premature after a severe case of pre-eclampsia and weighed only 1400 grams at his birth. He was a fighter and after a month in the hospital we could come home. Though he quickly caught up with other children his age, he needed extra help with his motor skills and balance.

Studies show that good motor skills strengthen the child, both socially and academically, throughout its childhood, so I went on a mission.  I realized that there was a need in the marked for a range of clothing that could help children starting to crawl and walk. I read everything I could find on the subject and consulted motor skill experts and pediatric physiotherapists to give him the best support and the answer was simple: Rubber-pads.

The range was designed with unique rubber-pads that prevent children from sliding on slippery surfaces, making them more confident as they go along.

A child who can move around without sliding on slippery surfaces, can explore the world and devote its energy to play and learn new things. It is all about giving your child the best conditions to conquer the world.  

With love from
Fie Aspöck Jonsen

“We experience that more and more children have small or large problems with motor skills. The GoBabyGo series is designed so that the child gets off to a good motor start. With non-slip soles and rubber pads on the knees, the child does not slip, making it more mobile and brave. A child who can move without problems, can explore the world and has the surplus to play and learn new things. Later in life, good motor skills will strengthen the child both socially and professionally throughout childhood”

- Professional expert

Our Mission

We believe that good motor skills provide self-esteem and courage. Which is essential for one's child to move without problems, can explore the world, and have the surplus to play and learn new things.

With GoBabyGo, we want to help strengthen the child in his courage and self-confidence. With our specially designed crawl series, we will through support motivate the child's ability to play and dare to unfold physically. With rubber pads on the knees and feet, the balance is optimally stimulated and gives the child extra stability.

All in all something that will help to increase its ability to concentrate and social skills with other children in, for example, games, etc.

In addition, we encourage parents to participate in play and do motor exercises with their child, and through collaborations with motor experts have shared our knowledge and helped with fun ideas and inspiration for motor exercises and other fun games.PH-value for our children’s sensitive skin.

Children with good motor skills

• Has increased self-confidence

• Are happy with life

• Have good health

• Feeling less helpless

• Have good social relationships

• More often chosen as playmates

• Feels less outside

GoBabyGo has won 'Best in Test'

GoBabyGo is OEKO-Tex®️ Standard 100 certified • Designed in Denmark • Produced in Europe.

All products are tested for harmful substances and made in the most delicious cotton quality, which guarantees good mobility.

Best in Test

OEKO-Tex® certified

Designed in Denmark

Produced in Europe

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