Ida with her 1.5-year-old daughter Luna

Our tester Ida tested the socks of GoBabyGo together with her 1.5-year-old Luna.

Ida says: "GoBabyGo socks are designed to strengthen a children's motoric skills and help them get started with crawling and walking. Luna is 1.5 years old and started walking when she was 10 months old. Since, she has been looking to climb on everything she can find and reach, so that the non-slip pads on her knees and on and under her feet are worth gold.

GoBabyGo dusty rose crawling tights in cotton

We received a cute package with different stocks from GoBabyGo: thin, thick and a pair of tights.

GoBabyGo crawling products  GoBabyGo crawling non-slip socks in bamboo cotton

The thin ones are the absolute best socks we have for Luna at the moment. One of the best things about them is that they run high up the leg, so it's hard for Luna to pull them off on her own – a "game" that she usually finds very entertaining... in contrast to her mother.

Personally, I think the thick stocks might be a little too thick to fit into a shoe. But they are perfect for at home.

We mainly use them as slippers, both at home and in the kindergarten.

 GoBabyGo non-slip socks in thick cotton GoBabyGo non-slip socks

The tights are my absolute favorites! My girls, like their mother, have short legs. This means that we often find that tights are too long and do not sit properly on the legs. But that’s not the case with the ones from GoBabyGo. They sit exactly as they should.

Luna climbs up on everything. Stools and a special chair are the highlights to climb on. That's why I'm very happy with the non-slip pads on her knees that I think will help her to stabilize her when she tries to get up.

GoBabyGo Crawling tights in grey melange  

I also think that the pads take away a little bit of pressure off her knees when she is crawling around. Luna's older sister Larch, who is almost 5 years old, thinks that I could actually use a similar pair myself, since if she doesn't play lions or cheetahs, it's the baby that's constantly is crawling around on all fours.

GoBabyGo crawling tights

Our reviews of GoBabyGo's socks are:

Usability: VERY GOOD – you have to have socks for your children anyway, and GoBabyGo’s really have a lot to offer. We would like to see a version made of wool.

Durability/quality: GOOD – I am super satisfied with the durability. A 1.5-year-old does not sit still and therefore the socks were used a lot but remained their quality. The bright pink color is super nice, but I don't think I would choose it another time as it is super soft.

Price: VERY GOOD - prices range from 69.95 Kr. - 169.95 Kr. depending on the quality, how you buy them and whether it is thin/thick socks or tights.

Quality: VERY GOOD – I love them!