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Testimonials - Camilla and her daughter Freya - Camilla and her daughter Freya

Camilla concludes: "GOBABYGO has developed crawl tights and stocks with rubber knops on the knees, under the feet and on the toes to give babies a good start when they start to crawl and walk."  

The following products have been tested:

My first impression of the products was really good. You immediately get the feeling that the products are of high quality.


The bamboo socks were clearly our favorite. They sit very well on the feet and on the legs and do not slip off. They give a really good hold on the floor when the baby tries to crawl or walk. Freya has become much more confident after we started with the socks.

The thick cotton socks were really good for the cold days and worked pretty well as "Pads" in day care. The only drawback of these socks is that it can be difficult to put on with shoes or boots because they are very thick and fill the shoe quickly. But they are really good for indoor use. They sit well on the foot and keep the feet warm throughout the day. I would definitely recommend the cotton socks for beginners who need to learn to walk and have not yet started with shoes.

We were also very satisfied with the tights. They have an ideal thickness, neither too thin nor too thick. They fit really good and sit well around the stomach. The rubber knops on the knees and feet give the baby a good balance when she crawls. They have significantly strengthened Freya's motoric skills and balance while crawling on the ground.

 GoBabyGo crawling start kit

We were very satisfied with the products of GOBABYGO and we will definitely invest in more products from the brand. They are available in many beautiful colors and match many fashion colors.

Our review:

Usability: VERY GOOD – they strengthen the child's balance, motoric skills and self-confidence. Here you actually get a product that keeps what it promises.

Durability/quality: VERY GOOD – This is high-quality product that can withstand everyday life and still looks beautiful after being washed serval times.

Price: VERY GOOD – the price of the tights is 129.95 Kr. and the price of the socks is 69.95 Kr. I think this is a really good price for a quality product with a lot of benefits.

Compared to what normal tights without the non-slip effect cost, you get a great price-performance ratio.

Quality: VERY GOOD – The products are Danish-produced and oeko-tex standart 100 certified. This gives the consumer the guarantee that the goods have been tested for any harmful chemicals. The silicone knops are also approved.

The socks are made of thick breathable cotton and the thin socks are made of soft bamboo, which is perfect for the delicate skin of babies. In addition, the bamboo is also heat-regulating, which means they keep the baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so that they can be used all year round without having to worry about whether your child's feet are warm enough.

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