Strengthen your childs motor skills...

...with easy everyday exercises that doesn't require any tools

When your child is between 9-12 Months you can easily present your child to more challenging exercises.

Improve your child’s balance and make it more comfortable for your child during the exercises by wearing GoBabyGo's Crawling tights or Crawling Leggins

        Fun somersaults stimulate your child’s balance, which is a prerequisite for its general motor skills development.

        Jumping play is also a favorite for all children – it stimulates your child's balancing abilities.

        Every time you play, you develop closeness, which contributes to strengthening the bond between you.

        This somersault requires you to have a solid grip around your child’s chest. And it is for the child that loves to tumble and enjoys play that’s a little more 'wild'. Have fun with it!

        Here is a couple of exercises that will develop your child’s motor skills:

        • Do frontwards and backwards somersaults to strengthen your child’s sight and sense of balance
        • Make an obstacle course in your living room to create a fun and active space for your child. Pillows are fun to crawl over, chairs are challenging to crawl onto and blankets are suitable to crawl under
        • Play “wheelbarrow” with your child to strengthen the muscular system. Place your child on his stomach and gently grab his thighs while lifting the legs up. This will cause your child to hold itself up using its arms. Gently push your child forward, so it's motivated to move its hands
        • Let your child eat by itself. This will help it to coordinate the movement from plate to mouth. Eventually it'll also learn how much food it can eat and how much food will fit on its plate
        • Play music, sing and dance with your child. Music stimulate your child’s linguistic development, while dancing develops the motor skills
        • Leave the stroller at home and let your child explore the world walking on his own two feet

        All exercises is developed in collaboration with motor skill expert Jane Mølleskov Mikkelsen from