Mie & Jonas with Filippa 4 years old & Pilou 11-months-old.

Our tester Mie and her boyfriend Jonas have two children. The 4-year-old Filippa and Pilou, who is 11 months old. Pilou is currently crawling and practicing walking. Therefore, it made sense to test the GoBabyGo’s products that design non-slip socks for young, active children. We tested both the socks, tights and the knee pads. 


 GoBabyGo test familien anmeldelse  GoBabyGo review

Mie explains:

"When Pilou was 7 months old, he started rolling on his stomach, and two weeks later he was able to get around this way. At the age of 8 months, he began to crawl – or whatever you want to call it.

What I mean is that Pilou doesn't crawl "properly." He moves around like a little Tarzan, sitting half up and pulling one leg behind him. We first started using GoBabyGo when Pilou turned 10 months old, unfortunately.

Because I believe if we had had the smart, non-slip knee pads and tights earlier, he might have been learning the right technique from the start.

Now he's realized that it's easy (and also fast) when he's crawling in his own way, using the technique he's already learned - but it doesn't matter anyway.  

When Pilou started learning how to crawl, I always took off his pants and socks so he wouldn’t slip, which made it easier for him. He learned to crawl in the hot months, and that was fine, but he sometimes got quite cold when he lay on the floor without pants. That's why it was great when we were able to test GoBabyGo’s products in the cold months.

We were happy to see the effect of the specially developed rubber pads on the knees, under the feet and on the toes. It helped Pilou strengthen his motor skills and balance both in crawling, getting up and walking while keeping him warm and cozy.

GoBabyGo kneepads   

As mentioned above, the products are available in different colors and versions, so regardless of which outfit your child wears, it is possible to enjoy the non-slip features.

GobabyGo has developed a Crawl Starter Pack that is perfect to use before your children can crawl and you save a bunch of money by buying the package. This way you give your child the best conditions to learn how to crawl, as it contains all the products you need. The package includes tights, a pair of thick cotton socks and a pair of knee pads. All with the clever rubber pads that are made of silicone.

The thick socks are perfect to wear over normal socks, so they serve more like a pair of slippers. We used the kneepads over both regular pants and without pants when we were on a vacation in Spain to protect his bare knees – and at the same time take advantage of the non-slip feature.

Since we have a boy, we used the tights mostly when Pilou plays on the floors at home. But if you have a little girl, the tights are also perfectly suitably with a nice dress, since the rubber pads have a stunning design.

GoBabyGo review crawling kneepads

We tested both the socks made out of thick cotton and those made out of thin bamboo. The bamboo socks are very soft, and it is easy to slip into a shoe with them because they are so thin. Even though they are thin, they have a heat-regulating effect that keeps the feet warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

On a very cold day, we used the socks made of thick terry cotton, which used to serve as slippers. They are extra elastic at the ankle, so they don't fall off so easily. A very inexpensive type of slippers, so you can afford multiple pairs to always have a pair on hand, when the others are in the washing machine 🙂

Our ratings:

Usability: VERY GOOD – All parents of toddlers are familiar with the challenges that come with learning how to crawl, stand up and to walk. No matter which of the disciplines your child is trying to master, the products of GoBabyGo will help along the way.

Durability/quality: VERY GOOD – All products continue to look good after repeated washing – and the rubber pads retain their non-slip function.

Price and quality: VERY GOOD – The products can be bought at a very good price, especially if you buy the Crawl Starter package. With the thick socks as slippers, you also save a lot of money compared to conventional slippers.