Anne-Louise with her 1 year old daughter Elin

Our tester Anne-Louise tested the tights, socks and gloves from GoBabyGo with her little girl Elin, who is one year old.

GoBabyGo crawling tights in grey

Anne-Louise reports:

"When we were asked if we wanted to test GoBabyGo, I had no second thoughts. We had great joy with the products. The leggings were a great help for Elin, who has just turned one year old and is crawling around loosely and cheerfully.

We got a nice little box with two tights, 2 socks made of bamboo, 1 pair of socks made out of thick cotton and a pair of finger gloves.

GoBabyGo's socks, tights, gloves and other GoBabyGo products are available in many different colors, so they can be easily fitted to your child's wardrobe.

GoBabyGo crawling tights in dusty rose

Elin has used the tights a lot and it became obvious that she is more mobile with them. Her Bisgaard slippers have a slightly harder sole, which means she doesn't have the same balance as with the GoBabyGo socks and tights. They are great when she crawls, and they provide a little extra protection for her knees. She is able to move a lot faster. She also likes to get up randomly - so it's great here too, because she doesn't slip when doing so. She is getting bolder and taking a few more steps every day.

The socks are super sweet and really soft. The thick socks were really good for the cold days and could keep the feet warm. The pads under her feet also help her when she drives around at home with her "Walking Car" or plays with "Bobles".  

GoBabyGo non-slip socks GoBabyGo non-slip socks

The grip gloves also have small knops so that the child can grab things better. The idea of making finger gloves with knops is really clever – but I don't think it works for young children. It's hard to get the little fingers in the finger gloves, and when it's finally done, Elin has taken them off herself pretty quickly.

In general, we were a big fan of GoBabyGo products. They are super practical and provide additional protection. They are of good quality and help the little one on the way to learn to crawl and walk. We will definitely continue to use these great products. 

In this case, the following ratings were given:

Usability: VERY GOOD – The socks / tights help the little ones a lot while keeping them warm at the same time.

Durability/quality: VERY GOOD - The products are very durable. Even after several washes, they look and feel soft and beautiful – but they get a little fluffy after a while.

Price: VERY GOOD - The price is very good. You can get the socks for only 69,- and the tights for just 129,-  

Quality: VERY GOOD – they are in an excellent quality that feels amazing. They maintain their shape and purpose even after several washes.